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26 March 2022

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Start 4 PM
End 1 AM
Artist To be announced
Location -

Price List .

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Type Details Price
General Admission table-1 Pre sale - (2 days)
One Day Pass table-1 ( Day One ) General Admission
RM 380
One Day Pass table-1 ( Day Two ) General Admission
RM 290
One Day Pass table-1 ( Day One ) Premium Admission
RM 590
One Day Pass table-1 ( Day Two ) Premium Admission
RM 430
General Admission table-1 Early Bird - (2 days)
RM 490
General Admission table-1 First Release - (2 days)
RM 580
Premium General Admission table-1 Premium GA - (2 days)
RM 780
Transport Packages table-1 1 day pass
RM 10
Transport Packages table-1 2 days pass
RM 18
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VIP / VVIP table-1 Contact Us