Brief About US .

At Peakstorm Festival, we believe that music has the power to unite, inspire, and create unforgettable moments. As a premier entertainment brand, we are dedicated to bringing top-tier musical experiences to the heart of Malaysia and beyond. Our mission is not just to organize concerts but to curate a vibrant community where music enthusiasts can come together to celebrate their love for music.

For us, Peakstorm is not just a business venture; it's a manifestation of our deep connection with the music community. With Michael's leadership, Peaky has cultivated a team of creative and innovative young minds who are driven by a shared passion for music and technology.

Together, we are on a mission to redefine the entertainment industry in Malaysia by leveraging technology to enhance convenience and create a seamless experience for merchants and customers alike.


From Great Our Clients .


"Attending Joji's live concert in KL was an unforgettable experience! His mesmerizing vocals and captivating stage presence left the entire audience in awe."

Anson Lim

“Joji's performance in KL was pure magic! His ability to connect with the crowd and deliver his heartfelt songs with such sincerity was truly remarkable.”

Michael Tan